Belly Tank Humor: Storyboard #1: Hot Rod Magazine, August 1949

Hi Gang…

I thought it might be interesting to share some of the humor and comics as I come across them in vintage hot rod magazines – as long as they’re belly tank related.

Our first installment is from the August 1949 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.  This is the same issue where Hot Rod Magazine inaugurated the designation “World’s Fastest Hot Rod”.    Since Burke and Francisco’s “Belly Tank” was the dominant vehicle in this issue, it makes sense that the comic included would focus on belly tanks too.

The conversation in the panels of the comic is worthy of note.  The content refers to the pilots of WWII – or at least those familiar with military aircraft, and a reference is made to the SCTA Speed Week at Bonneville for 1949.  Interesting stuff –or at least I hope you think so.

I’ve taken some close ups of the panels that show illustrations of belly tanks.  Some of you may enjoy the cartoonish versions of belly tanks as much as I do.

Have at it gang, and enjoy this over 60 year old comic  by Tom Medley.   Until next time….

Shake, Rattle, and Go!



Note:  Click on the pictures below to see an expanded image appear on your screen.


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Geoff Hacker is an automotive historian and is researching the history of belly tanks and streamliners from the early postwar era with his good friend Rick D'Louhy. Both are also working on a book called "Forgotten Fiberglass" about the history of early fiberglass sports cars in America ( Read more about Geoff's background on the "About Us" link of the Forgotten Fiberglass website. He can be reached at

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